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The Internet has completely transformed the job search, with job seekers moving from circling newspaper ads to searching online job boards and using social-media tools. In addition, many companies now recruit and research job candidates using online resources. But the new online job-search process can be intimidating.

While the World Wide Web may seem like the Wild, Wild West, there’s actually order and reason to it. There are also job opportunities aplenty. Learn the basics of online job searching here, and you’ll be applying for jobs in no time.

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We’re all a little wary of food that has an unusually long shelf life — food that never seems to age no matter how long it sits in your fridge. When it comes to your career, you want an expiration date that outlasts even the oldest loaf of Wonder Bread.

What’s the secret to keeping your professional life fresh for years to come? Here are six essential ingredients: Read more »

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